Why Cybervie? - About Us

Cybervie is an Indian based company located in Hyderabad which stepped into the cybersecurity market in 2017.

Taking a proactive approach to security that can help organisations to protect their data, Cybervie has designed its Cyber Security Training Program based on the cybersecurity industry requirements with three levels of training in both offensive and defensive manner, and use real-time scenarios which can help our students to understand the market up-to its standard certification which is an add on advantage for our students to stand out of competition in this competitive world.

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Our mission is to create a safe place in the cyberspace. We aim to do this by delivering innovative requirement based training with a brand authorised certification, and is designed to empower cyber security careers.


Cybervie believes in branding rather than instant earning. Our vision is to become a global brand in cyber security. We tend to create Cyber warriors who will be able to defeat and protect the present and upcoming business world.

Core Values

Our principle belief is to work with complete integrity and follow the highest professional ethics in order to build a long lasting relationship. We ensure that we provide maximum awareness to exploit every weakness in your system.

Meet our Team

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Pallavi Reddy

Operations Administrator

Baba Saheb T

Key Account Manager

Cyber Information Security Analyst


Information Security Analyst