2019 Social Engineering Attacks | 04 Techniques & Prevention!

Social Engineering Attacks

Social Engineering Attacks involve manipulating the human psychology through – 01 Phishing, 02 Scareware, 03 Quid pro quo, 04 Tailgating.

Phishing Attack – Step by step Demo using Kali Linux Free Tool!

Phishing attack demo using Kali Linux

Phishing is a form of cyber attack which typically relies on email or other electronic communication methods such as text messages and phone calls.

Is Two-factor authentication Safe? – 03 Code Generation Methods!

Is Two-factor authentication: Safe?

Two-factor Authentication is used to add an extra layer of security. Quick Bite – 01 SMS verification, 02 Google Authenticator, 03 Reddit.

Burp Suite Beginner’s Guide – Helps in Penetration Testing!

Burp Suite Hacking Tool

Burp Suite is a Penetration Tester’s go-to tool when performing a Web Penetration test. Quick Bite – Scope and Intercept, Repeater, Intruder, Voila!

2019 Aadhaar and the Struggle with Response by UIDAI

Aadhaar and the Struggle

Current Situation – If Database of Aadhaar can be hacked then it may jeopardise the lives of 1.2 billion people. Quick Bite: Most Recent Plight.

If Cisco Switches get Hacked | What It Means For Us?

If Cisco Switches get Hacked

A few days back Cisco faced a massive cyber attack by a group of hackers. Quick Bite: The Target, The Vulnerabilities, Safety Measures.

Get Protected – Unsuspected Attacks | Taking World by a Storm!

Cyber Attack Protection

Quick Bite: The basics, Things to know about Application Layer DDoS Attacks, What exactly happens in the attack, Protection against the attack.

Whatsapp Security – Loopholes Putting Our Identities on Stake!

Whatsapp Security Flaws

Quick Bite: Flaws in the Whats App Security, Fake Whats App Web and the Risks, Whats App Backup Flaw, Safeguarding our Identity.

05 Web Application Security Vulnerabilities | Our Safety Is In Our Hands!

Web Application Security Vulnerabilities

Quick Bite: Insecure Cryptographic Storage, Security Misconfiguration, Insecure Direct Object References, SQL Injection, Cross Site Scripting.

What is it like to work in Cyber Security? | 2018 #Cyber Careers

Work in Cyber Security

In this blog post we list down all the pros, cons and, frank observations that you need to know before you decide to take the plunge.