Credential reuse attack | How to use old credentials to hack.

In This Article, we are going to talk about the credential reuse attack, in which an attacker/hacker can reuse your old credentials and test them on various other websites with your username and email address to check if you have the same credentials on other websites too. Which will put your other accounts at risk. The Tool which we are going to talk about is Cr3dOv3r by D4Vinci(Karim shoair). (https://github.com/D4Vinci/Cr3dOv3r.git).

How Hacker can use this tool to compromise

If the attacker/hacker knows your email address and any of your passwords it can be a previous password or a leaked passwords or a hacked passwords, They can use this tool to just test your email and your previous password on various websites like GitHub, StackOverflow, Gmail, Facebook, etc and this is known as credential reuse attack.

How to do it? (Educational purpose)

First of all, you need to have python3, and git installed on your computer.

For Linux Users

Open your terminal and write the following commands
1.) git clone https://github.com/D4Vinci/Cr3dOv3r.git
(to clone the tool to your system).

2.) cd Cr3dOv3r.

(to get in Cr3dOv3r directory.)

3.)python3 -m pip install -r requirements.txt
(to install all the requirements to run the tool).

4.)python3 Cr3d0v3r.py –h (For running the tool)

For Windows Users

Download the zip file from GitHub and extract it, Then open the command
prompt(CMD), and type the following commands.

1.) cd Cr3dOv3r-master
2.)python -m pip install -r win_requirements.txt
3.)python Cr3d0v3r.py -h

As this tool does not require sudo to run you can use this tool
on android devices without root.

Download the termux application to run this tool.

1.)Open Termux.
2.)for installing python3 in termux write command -> apt-get install python.
3.)for installing the git in termux write command -> apt-get install git.

Now type the following commands

1.)git clone https://github.com/D4Vinci/Cr3dOv3r.git
2.)cd Cr3dOv3r
3.)python3 -m pip install -r requirements.txt
4.)python3 Cr3d0v3r.py -h

This tool can be used in various scenarios.

  • Find if the targeted email is in any leaks and therefore this tool will test the leaked password on different websites.
  • Check if the target credentials you found are reused on other websites/services.
  • Credover can find out if any of the leaked passwords can still be used on any other website.

Screenshots of the tool.

Credover screenshots number 1
(img src ->https://github.com/D4Vinci/Cr3dOv3r/blob/master/Data/Email1.png)
Credential reuse attack number 2
(img src ->https://github.com/D4Vinci/Cr3dOv3r/blob/master/Data/Email2.png)
Credential reuse attack number 3
(img src ->https://github.com/D4Vinci/Cr3dOv3r/blob/master/Data/Email3.png)

How to be safe from this type of attack?

  1. Update your credentials frequently.
  2. Use different credentials on different websites.
  3. A slight difference in your password can protect you from this tool.

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