Credential reuse attack | How to use old credentials to hack.

In This Article, we are going to talk about the credential reuse attack, in which an attacker/hacker can reuse your old credentials and test them on various other websites with your username and email address to check if you have the same credentials on other websites too. Which will put your other accounts at risk. […]

How to hack a smartphone with SMS | Smishing Attack

A smishing attack basically means to do a phishing attack with the help of SMS. In this attacker sends an SMS to the victim with a link to a fake website or you will be tricked into downloading malware which will compromise your phone and let the hacker access your device. Smishing means “SMS+Phishing”. How […]

How to do Advance Phishing Attacks using Kali Linux

What is phishing attack? Phishing is a type of cyber-attack in which a hacker sends a fake email with a phishing link, which led you to a phishing website and asks you to log in, and if you accepted the bait and logged in then your credentials will be sent to the attacker. Now the […]

9 Myths about Cybersecurity & Facts

Cybersecurity is the practice of protecting systems, networks, and programs from digital attacks. These cyberattacks are usually aimed at accessing, changing, or destroying sensitive information; extorting money from users; or interrupting normal business processes. If you have an online presence of your business, you must know the threats: Confidential data related to the organization can be […]

Hacking the Neighbor’s WiFi: Wireless password Cracking

The following blog illustrates Wireless password cracking. The demonstration video is attached in the end. We will learn how to Hack into neighbor’s WiFi. You need the following prerequisites for successfully executing the task: Pre-Requisites: -Kali Linux -Router -Laptop connected to that router -Wireless adaptor that supports monitor mode Here we use Alfa AWUS036NHA adapter […]

Agreement between India & Israel to expand cooperation on Cybersecurity

Israel and India have made an agreement on July 15, 2020, to expand their co-operation in the field of Cybersecurity. This agreement comes as a significant move in the midst of the COVID19 pandemic which has pushed the Governments across the world to ramp up their initiatives of digitization and has also served as an […]

Why should you invest in Cybersecurity?

Investment in Cybersecurity has become very much important for companies, startups, and businesses. Nearly 500million Indians have an online presence and this is still under rapid growth. This makes a large pool of gullible victims for cyber conmen to choose from and target! And a boom in computer forensics careers in India. More than 1.7 […]

Applications of Cybersecurity: IoT and Mobile Devices

Besides the use of AI to replace humans in repetitive tasks, data becomes an important asset to achieve global power. Cybersecurity assumes a lot more importance in 2020 because: • Increased availability of high-speed internet, rapid digitization happening globally, and an equivalent growth in cybercrimes to gain unauthorized access to confidential and sensitive information, data […]


With the recent #BlackLivesProtest which happened in the USA after #GeorgeFloydKilling, this anonymous hacker’s group also became active on twitter and announced that it will make public, the instances of state apathy and wrongdoings of various celebrities. WHO ARE THEY? Anonymous is a group of activists and hackers spread across the globe. They are not […]

How COVID19 has made Cybersecurity more significant?

Coronavirus or COVID19 has increased the dependency on Digital networks for carrying out professional aactivites. Cybersecurity becomes lot more important. The following are the prominent cyberattacks which occurred during COVID19 pandemic: Besides the use of AI to replace humans in repetitive tasks, data becomes an important asset to achieve global power. Cybersecurity assumes a lot […]