What is theHarvester?

A step by step guide on – What is theharvestor? | How to install and run it? | Get hands-on How to use it?

What is Sublister?

A step by step guide on – What is Sublister? | How to install and run it? | get hands on How to use it?

VAPT – Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing | 2019 Beginner Guide!

Quick Bite: What is Vulnerability assessment?, What is Penetration testing?, Difference between VA and PT, Benefits of VAPT!

What is Bug Bounty? | How to become a Bounty Hunter?

Bug Bounty

Quick Bite- 01 What is bug bounty, 02 Who implements, 03 Advantages, 04 How to become a bounty hunter, 05 Examples, 06 Conclusion

SQL Injection & Types, Impact and Prevention!

Quick Bite: 01 Introduction, 02 Types, 03 Real-life scenario, 04 Attack steps, 05 Impact, 06 Steps to prevent…

Metasploit Exploitation Tool | MSFvenom Payload Demonstration!

Quick Bite- 01 Payload Introduction, 02 Types of Payload, 03 Step by Step Demonstration

Metasploit Exploitation Tool | Learn 2019 Modules and Commands!

Quick Bite- 01 Various Attack vectors, 02 What is an exploit, 03 Metasploit Introduction, 04 Modules, 05 Basic commands

05 Dangerous Computer Viruses Ever – 2019 FAQ for Freshers!

05 Dangerous Computer Viruses Ever

Did you Give-up this Question – Not Anymore | Here is a Quick Bite – ILOVEYOU​, Code Red​, Stuxnet, MyDoom​, CryptoLocker.

04 Types of Botnet Attacks & Tips to Protect against Botnets!​


Quick Bite – 01 Denial of Service Attacks, 02 Spamming and traffic monitoring, 03 Keylogging, 04 Click Fraud | Know more about Types & Tips!

What is a Botnet, Control Structure & Some known Types?​


Article Covers about What is a Botnet? | 02 Control Structures – Client-server model & Peer-to-peer model | 03 Types – Storm, Pushdo/Cutwail, Mirai.