04 Types of Firewalls & Use Cases – 2019 FAQ for Freshers!


Quick Bite – 01 Packet filtering firewalls, 02 Circuit-level gateways, 03 Application-level gateways, 04 UTM firewalls | Get a brief Use Case on Each.

12 Threats of Cloud Security | Top Risks of Cloud Migration!


Quick Bite – 01 Data Breaches, 02 Weak Identity, Credential and Access Management, 03 Insecure APIs, 04 System and Application Vulnerabilities.

2019 Cybersecurity challenges #IoT – Internet of Things!

Cybersecurity challenges in IoT

Quick Bite – What is #IoT?, Understanding the threats of IoT, Mitigation, 04 Other concerns gives Little Awareness of #Iot Use cases.

Explore Wireshark – Updated Step by step Beginner Guide!

Wireshark logo

Quick Bite – Introduction, Download & Install, Wireshark GUI, Capture network packets, Colour coding, Analyze captured content, Statistics.

Man-in-the-middle attack | ARP Spoofing & 07 step Procedure!

man in the middle attack

We’ll be using two built in Kali Tools – Arpspoof Wireshark & Ettercap | MITM is one of the classic hacks and on a LAN connection.

2019 Social Engineering Attacks | 04 Techniques & Prevention!

Social Engineering Attacks

Social Engineering Attacks involve manipulating the human psychology through – 01 Phishing, 02 Scareware, 03 Quid pro quo, 04 Tailgating.

Phishing Attack – Step by step Demo using Kali Linux Free Tool!

Phishing attack demo using Kali Linux

Phishing is a form of cyber attack which typically relies on email or other electronic communication methods such as text messages and phone calls.

Is Two-factor authentication Safe? – 03 Code Generation Methods!

Is Two-factor authentication: Safe?

Two-factor Authentication is used to add an extra layer of security. Quick Bite – 01 SMS verification, 02 Google Authenticator, 03 Reddit.

Burp Suite Beginner’s Guide – Helps in Penetration Testing!

Burp Suite Hacking Tool

Burp Suite is a Penetration Tester’s go-to tool when performing a Web Penetration test. Quick Bite – Scope and Intercept, Repeater, Intruder, Voila!

2019 Aadhaar and the Struggle with Response by UIDAI

Aadhaar and the Struggle

Current Situation – If Database of Aadhaar can be hacked then it may jeopardise the lives of 1.2 billion people. Quick Bite: Most Recent Plight.