Cyber Security Training Program in hyderabad

Cybervie provides cyber security training program in hyderabad, Telangana , India. our cyber security course in hyderabad offers you real – time and hand on experience projects

This Course offered by Cybervie prepares students for a path of success in a highly demanding and rapidly growing field of cybersecurity. The course is completely designed with an adaptable mindset, where the program allows the student to complete the course work at their own pace while being able to complete weekly assignments. Hence, also making it convenient for busy working professionals to pursue the training to help them advance their career in cybersecurity.

Cybervie has designed the training module based on the cyber security industry requirements with three levels of Training in both offensive and defensive manner, using real time scenarios which helps our students to understand the market standards.

Designed for beginners, this is a key to enter the World of Cyber Security. Students learn basic to advanced level of real-time Ethical Hacking concepts and hands-on updated cyber security tools. A complete course guide will be provided in a dedicated learning management system. Performing on topic wise task issued on a regular basis builds confidence for beginners to step forward into a suitable career path of Cyber Security. Our Industry experts provide career guidance for next level Cyber Security courses. Cybervie certification is issued in accordance with OWASP Standards.

  • Introduction to cyber security
  • Basic concepts of Networking
  • Basic concepts of web application security
  • Introduction to cloud computing
  • Malware Analysis

In continuation to Level 1, this Course is a fresher job role and also for candidates looking for job change. In this level We teach the following advanced concepts of cyber security:

  • Network Security
  • Cloud Security
  • Web Application Security
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • DevSecOps Training
  • Data Security
  • Data privacy
  • Compliance
  • Risk management
  • Penetration testing
  • Source code review
  • SAST and DAST

Includes all the basic course features and additional features like Mock Interview preparation, Cyber security group discussions, Resume preparation and Placement assistance build the confidence to crack the cyber security interviews. Certification based on OWASP Standards is an add-on advantage to get placed into Information Security Analyst Job Role.

Cyber Security Internship Program is Where we provide the Opportunity for Students/Working professionals of all levels to explore Real & Relevant issues in Information Security and Information Protection. Website Vulnerability Assessment, Network Operations, Cyber Policy, and Much More…

  • Real time knowledge on Information security.
  • Cyber Security Internship Certificate. With which You’ll have Access to all the Technical and Management Training Courses you need to become the Expert you want to be.
  • Learn from Expert Developers in the Field. Our Team leads love to Mentor.
  • Cyber Security Internship gives an Opportunity to Work in many Different Areas to Figure Out What Excites Us.


Passion to learn & work as a Cyber Security Intern.

Personal Laptop with minimum 4GB Ram is mandatory.


Benefits of the Program

  • Training & Project (Internship) Certificate from Cybervie (IONOTS TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD).
  • An opportunity to exchange ideas and thoughts with Interns participating from colleges PAN India – IIT’s, NIT’s, and Reputed Universities.
  • Real-Time Industry Use Cases which also helps in becoming CORPORATE READY.



Recommendation Letter

Real-time Project Report


Labs To Practise for cyber security

DVWA | BWAPP | OWASP Juice Shop | Hack the Box | Vulnhub


Tools which we cover

Net Sparker | Burp Suite | Acunetix | Basics of Splunk | Snort Basics | Wireshark | Nmap | Nessus | OWASP ZAP | Parrot OS | Kali Linux | Basics of Forensics | SIEM/SOC Basics | IT Policy Framework



  • Online teaching
  • Weekly assessment
  • Learn at your own pace
  • Placement assistance
  • Dedicated to create cybersecurity leaders
  • Protection against attack in the internet world. Private companies and government portals all have been in attack as of late and it has become the need of the hour to protect data of masses from going in the wrong hands.
  • Protection against data leaks. Sensitive data leaked out can bring serious repercussions both for the affected company and customers.
  • Protection from mal-intended software. This software steal your private information like your pictures, passwords etc.
  • Cyberproofing potential points of attack on a webpage. Leaving such points open for long ultimately results in attacks. Timely detection can help avert many such attacks.
  • Cybercrime related damage – It is estimated that the total worth of damage caused by cyberattacks will be $6tn by 2021. That is more than the current GDP of India, UK and Canada combined.
  • Cybersecurity is the fastest-growing segment. Cybersecurity market grew by 35X over 13 years (2005-2018).
  • Forbes has stated “Cybersecurity – job sector of the future” in one of its articles. This clearly highlights the focus on cybersecurity in the next 5 years throughout the world, be it private companies or national governments.
  • It is estimated that approximately 3.5 million vacancies will be present in cybersecurity job sector by 2021. There is a huge supply gap in this sector that needs to be filled urgently.
  • Practitioner Faculty – *state their credentials*
  • We provide students with hands-on task and practical experience with the help of weekly assignments and live industry projects.
  • We follow a unique teaching methodology to provide our students with best teaching experience online.
  • Students get strong networking opportunities during the time of the course with industry practitioners and alumni of Cybervie through seminars and training sessions.
  • Career opportunities for students right from providing help in resume building, skill development, liaisoning with the recruiters through live projects and interactive sessions
  • 100% – Course completion rate. All of our students have shown faith in our teaching by completing the course. This highlights the efforts and dedication put in by Cybervie to create Cyber security leaders.
  • ZOMATO – 17 million accounts stolen
  • UBER – 57 million customers data exposed – $148 million settlement paid
  • SONY – 77 million users affected – $15 million compensation
  • Marriott – rift spotted after 4 years! Fined $123 million
  • Technical Knowledge in the field of cybersecurity which will help the student become a complete cybersecurity professional and help establish them in the industry.
  • Diverse perspectives which help the student understand various reasons behind a problem and adopt a multi-fold approach to look at a potential weak-point.
  • Critical enquiry that makes the student more inquisitive about current and future changes in the world of cybersecurity.
  • Applied learning coupled along with technical knowledge helps the student gain practical skills required at handling a live problem in the industry.
  • Ethical reasoning is an important part of the training. With great power comes greater responsibility. We at CyberVie believe that technology should be used only for the benefit of the society.
  • Communication becomes critical while working in the industry. Students will have to deal with internal stakeholders and external clients where communicating the issues and solutions concisely becomes essential.

This set of learning outcomes are strolled with area domains of specialized and integrated knowledge


Upon finishing their course, the student will be able to:

  • Analyse and discern the vulnerabilities and also understand administrative controls to mitigate the threat.
  • Describe what comprises an enterprise network.
  • Explain the key protocols and their hierarchical relationship in the context of a conceptual model.
  • Build multiple hosts and network architectures.
  • Configure operating systems, network-specific services, routing, switching and remote access solutions.
  • Identify the document issues, communicate and apply these lessons to future teams which will help them in building teamwork.
  • A holistic perspective of cybersecurity so as to make the student aware of not just current scenario but also prepare him for the future.
  • Real-life projects with industry will help the students apply their theoretical concepts in practical context to make their learning more effective.
  • Interactive sessions with industry practitioners will help students understand requirements of the industry, the work being done currently and what to expect when they join as a cybersecurity professional in these firms.
  • Online web assignments will help the students to complete the course at their own pace without any restriction of attending the sessions at stipulated time.
  • Weekly assignments will be given to ensure the students understand important concepts and can identify their weaknesses at regular intervals to improve upon them.
  • Remote access to content will be given to students for their ease and comfort of learning from anywhere at anytime.
  • Ultimate growth of the industry in the next 5-10 years. This is where most of our students will establish their career as a cybersecurity leader.
  • Placement assistance will be provided to students right from the beginning in things like resume building and connecting with the industry practitioners.
  • Chief Information Security Officer,
  • Information Security Analyst,
  • Global Information Security Director,
  • Security Consultant,
  • Lead Software Security Engineer,
  • Security Architect, Cyber Security Engineer

All the courses are administered through Moodle(an online portal that lets you access material remotely). A student once registered will get access to the portal where the information required to successfully complete the course, such as Material, Syllabus, Announcements, Assignments and Exams is available.

  • Bachelors Degree in a technical computing discipline
  • A strong GPA with a minimum of 3.0 or higher
  • Statement of purpose
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • Application and Application Fee

PROGRAM FEE: 1,50,000/-

DURATION: 3 Months (4 Sessions every Saturday)


The program that You choose is not only the investment of your time and money but also a key potential strength to build your career.


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