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Daily Cyber Attacks were
reported in year 2020

14 Cr +

Average amount spent during a
data breach


Increase in state sponsered
attack s in year 2020


Cybervie provides a range of security solutions to suit your needs

Managed SoC Service

Cybervie C-SoC is provides 24*7*365 continious monitoring & protection of Businesses

Insider Threat protetction

An advance program which can detect unwanted intrusions and hidden threats in your systems

Web Application Security

A complete web applications and network security module for 360 degrees protection

Governance & Risk Compliance

We provide compliance guidelines and help business become risk averse to threats

Security Trainings

Advance cybersecurity trainings and certifications from our in-house security coaches

Professional Hirings

Hire the best cyber security experts in the industry for your security systems with Cybervie


We know the best solution for the businesses are the one which is suited to their needs with dedicated technologies






Cyber Security Expert

About Cybervie

Cybervie is a renowned Cyber Security Company. Our aim is to create the cyberspace a safe place and thus, we are in the making of professionals that can rescue organizations in future from new kind of threats. We have extensive experience in training cyber security professionals across nation.


Our mission is to create a safe place in the cyberspace. We aim to do this by delivering innovative requirement based training with a brand authorized certification, and is designed to empower cyber security careers

Core Values

Our principle belief is to work with complete integrity and follow the highest professional ethics in order to build a long lasting relationship. We ensure that we provide maximum awareness to exploit every weakness in your system.

Cybervie career acceleration Program​

A Top-Notch training program from Cybervie for both Working Professionals and Students. Don’t let COVID hinder your dreams and goals, Spend your time wisely by skilling up and accelerate your career to the next level.