Security As A Service

cyber security as a service is a complete cyber security solution . we deal with your cyber risks, so you can stay focused on driving your business.


“Don’t let your Business Become a Victim of Cyber-crime” 

More About SAAS

Cybervie has chosen SAAS (Security as a service) also as a business model where it can help an individual or an organization to integrate its security providers.

This model implies to an information security type services where one can help themselves from not becoming a victim of data breach.

We are here to provide a complete solution by continuously Auditing and making sure that the necessary action is taken in order to keep your organization safe and secure at most.

Benefits of SAAS


Helps you in working with new updated tools without any risk.


SAAS has the best security based people who can work for you to keep your organization safe


Helps in making In House Management easy


Acts as a proactive security management


Provides situational awareness across IT level


Risk and Compliance Monitoring and management

Happiest Minds offers comprehensive Integrated Security-as-a-Service (SAAS) solutions covering compliance management, identity, and access governance, Cybersecurity and application & mobile security through its homegrown IPs