What is 2FA? And How Secure It Is?

Imagine, You’re out with friends enjoying a meal when the server comes back with a sorrylook. Your card has been declined. Though you just got paid and know you have plenty ofmoney to cover the food, your card still doesn’t work on the second or third tries, and yourfriends have to pick up the bill. […]

Introduction To Autopsy | An Open-Source Digital Forensics Tool

In this article we are going to learn about autopsy which is an open-source tool for digital forensics

Essential Cyber Security Concepts

File Carving In Digital Forensics | Best Tools For It

In this article, we are going to learn about File Carving in Digital Forensics. Here you also going to learn about some of the file carvings tools. What is File Carving? File Carving is a process to recover or reconstruct the deleted or formatted files in the computer. It is the process of searching a […]

Understanding Diavol – Ransomware Used By Wizard Spider

FortiGuard Labs is a threat intelligence and research organization at Fortinet. It is comprised of experienced threat hunters, researchers, analysts, engineers, and data scientists. Its mission is to provide customers with the industry’s best threat intelligence to protect them from malicious cyberattacks. The researchers at FortiGuard Labs have discovered a new ransomware called Diavol. And […]

Cyber Kill Chain | Attacker’s and Defender’s Perspective

In this article we are going to see about cyber kill chain

Wannacry Ransomware: Malware that Crippled the World

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The first question that comes is, What is it? A worm is known as WannaCrypt, Wana Decrypt0r 2.0, WanaCrypt0r 2.0, and Wanna Decryptor, with many names the functionality remains the same ransomware following its basic principle “Encrypt Files and Demand Ransom”. Some Details about the Attack The attack took place on 11th May, 2017. It […]

The Cyber-Pandemic: A Panic Situation An Opportunity

With the pandemic on the rise, people have been restricted to their homes, aggressive measures are been taken by the government to control the spread of the virus. Many have lost their jobs and are in desperate need of employment to support their family and this behavior makes them vulnerable to cyber frauds. Fake social […]

Dark Web – A Comprehensive Guide

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The dark web is the hidden collective of internet sites only accessible by a specialized web browser. It is used for keeping internet activity anonymous and private, which can be helpful in both legal and illegal applications. While some use it to evade government censorship, it has also been known to be utilized for highly […]

Identity Theft: Crime of the New Millennium

In this article, we are going to discuss about identity theft and it’s effects on society.