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Become an Information Security Analyst with OWASP Standard Certification. Everyone here heard of Cyber Security, which is increasing massively. If you are the one who wanna build career in cyber security domain. Then you are in the right place. We at Cybervie offer training programs of 3 Levels that can help you in getting great career among the Industry. Yes here is our Road-map…

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03 Level Road Map to Cyber Security Course

Cyber Security Course in India involves in teaching from Beginner to Real time in a series of 3 Levels. This levels are especially designed to expertise the candidate for market ready challenges with a proper Cyber Security Course Certification. So here we go with…

Level 01 – Ethical Hacking Course for Beginners: This is an Introductory level for complete beginners introducing you to a various topic of Ethical Hacking. We will be talking about Web app security, Defence strategies, Network and Data security as well. Which also involves Foot printing, Enumeration, System hijacking, Sniffing etc… In this training you will learn the kind of work hackers do and how do they actually do it. Read More…

Level 02 – Information Security Analyst Course: This is a pro level or intermediate finding with hands on experience on different tools that perform Scans and Analysis. Will be dealing with real time scenarios as well on Web Venerability Assessment, Indecent Management, Penetration Testing, Pen test types and methodologies. Read more…

Level 03 – Cyber Security Internship & Assistance: This is the niche of Indian Cyber Security Courses. A global opportunity to students and employees to implement the theoretical knowledge in which relevant topics like Computer Security, Information Production Etc… in real time projects which makes you complete security guy. Don’t worry assistance will be provided throughout the Internship. Read more…

Finally we Cybervie are here to create you a path to Successful Career with an expert level Cyber Security Courses from Hyderabad – India.

Cyber Security Course Syllabus | Cybervie

Level 01 - Ethical Hacking
Level 02 - Information Security

Why Ethical hacking?
Recent Scenarios
Rewards and Awards
Career Scope.

Google dorks

Angry ip Scanner
Advanced IP scanner



Github tools

Virus Making Tool kit
Github tools

Arp spoofing

Tools in Github regarding SE


Checking in Browser manually
Edit this Cookie

Scanning Nmap
Net discovery
Dir buster

Manual Sql Injection
Automation SqlMap
Automation Havij

Wifi Hacking



Basics Theory

Decryption Methods

Hidden Topics
Career Guidance

Conduct Search Engine Discovery and Reconnaissance for Information Leakage
Review Webserver Metafiles for Information Leakage
Fingerprint Web Server
Enumerate Applications on Webserver
Review Webpage Comments and Metadata for Information Leakage
Identify application entry points
Map execution paths through application
Fingerprint Web Application Framework
Fingerprint Web Application
Map Application Architecture

Test Network/Infrastructure uration
Test Application Platform uration
Test File Extensions Handling for Sensitive Information
Backup and Unreferenced Files for Sensitive Information
Enumerate Infrastructure and Application Admin Interfaces
Test HTTP Methods
Test HTTP Strict Transport Security
Test RIA cross domain policy

Test Role Definitions
Test User Registration Process
Test Account Provisioning Process
Testing for Account Enumeration and Guessable User Account
Testing for Weak or unenforced username policy
Test Permissions of Guest/Training Accounts
Test Account Suspension/Resumption Process

Testing for Credentials Transported over an Encrypted Channel
Testing for default credentials
Testing for Weak lock out mechanism
Testing for bypassing authentication schema
Test remember password functionality
Testing for Browser cache weakness
Testing for Weak password policy
Testing for Weak security question/answer
Testing for weak password change or reset functionalities
Testing for Weaker authentication in alternative channel

Testing Directory traversal/file include
Testing for bypassing authorization schema
Testing for Privilege Escalation
Testing for Insecure Direct Object References

Testing for Bypassing Session Management Schema
Testing for Cookies attributes
Testing for Session Fixation
Testing for Exposed Session Variables
Testing for Cross Site Request Forgery
Testing for logout functionality
Test Session Timeout
Testing for Session puzzling

Testing for Reflected Cross Site Scripting
Testing for Stored Cross Site Scripting
Testing for HTTP Verb Tampering
Testing for HTTP Parameter pollution

MySQL Testing
SQL Server Testing
Testing PostgreSQL
MS Access Testing
Testing for NoSQL injection
Testing for LDAP Injection
Testing for ORM Injection
Testing for XML Injection
Testing for SSI Injection
Testing for XPath Injection
IMAP/SMTP Injection
Testing for Code Injection
Testing for Local File Inclusion
Testing for Remote File Inclusion
Testing for Command Injection

Analysis of Error Codes
Analysis of Stack Traces
Testing for Weak SSL/TSL Ciphers, Insufficient Transport Layer Protection
Testing for Padding Oracle
Testing for Sensitive information sent via unencrypted channels

Test Business Logic Data Validation
Test Ability to Forge Requests
Test Integrity Checks
Test for Process Timing
Test Number of Times a Function Can be Used Limits
Testing for the Circumvention of Work Flows
Test Defenses Against Application Mis-use
Test Upload of Unexpected File Types
Test Upload of Malicious Files

Testing for DOM based Cross Site Scripting
Testing for JavaScript Execution
Testing for HTML Injection
Testing for Client Side URL Redirect
Testing for CSS Injection
Testing for Client Side Resource Manipulation
Test Cross Origin Resource Sharing
Testing for Cross Site Flashing
Testing for Clickjacking
Testing WebSockets
Test Web Messaging
Test Local Storage

IBM AppScan, Acunetix, Netsparker, Splunk


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