IBM Q Radar SIEM Training

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  • Training Level: Intermediate
  • Duration: 30 Hours (15 Days)
  • Session: 2 Hours/day
  • Training Mode: Classroom/Online
  • Prerequisites: Level 01 - Cybervie

Course Description - IBM Q Radar SIEM

SIEM – Security Information and Event Management is one of the leading perspective to Cyber Security Management. IBM Q Radar SIEM Training provides a complete vision on an organisational IT – Information Technology Security.

SIEM Training produces a deep visual into Network, User, and Application activity. It allocates Collection, Normalisation, Correlation, and Secure storage of Events, Flows, Asset profiles, and Vulnerabilities Management. Where IBM Q Radar is a Support Tool used in IBM Q Radar SIEM Training which systemize offended Attack suspects and Policy violations to Reduce the time gap between a suspicious activity and a detection.

IBM Q Radar helps to connect the dots and Alerts the suspicious activity from the footprints of Security attacks and Policy violations. Which is left in Log events and Network flows of Organisational Systems and Networks. IBM Q Radar SIEM Training enable to configure processing of uncommon Events, Work with reference data, and Develop custom rules, Custom actions, and Custom anomaly detection rules.

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IBM Q Radar SIEM Curriculum

  • Topic 1: Introduction to IBM QRadar SIEM
  • Topic 2: IBM QRadar Architecture, Event Pipeline and Flow Pipeline
  • Topic 3: Using the QRadar SIEM User Interface & Master console and System strength
  • Topic 4: Investigating an Offense Triggered by Events
  • Topic 5: Investigating the Events of an Offense
  • Topic 6: Using Asset Profiles to Investigate Offenses
  • Topic 7: Investigating an Offense Triggered by Flows
  • Topic 8: Investigate Suspected attacks and Policy breaches
  • Topic 9: Using the Network Hierarchy & Topology
  • Topic 10: Index and Aggregated Data Management
  • Topic 11: Using the QRadar SIEM Dashboard
  • Topic 12: Validation and Authorized Advantages
  • Topic 13: Custom Rules,Inspecting Actions and Acknowledgement of Rules
  • Topic 14: Using the Ariel Query Language (AQL) for Advanced Searches
  • Topic 15: Analyzing a Real-World cyber security Attack
  • Topic 16: Using Administrative Tools
  • Topic 17: Managing Users accounts
  • Topic 18: Managing Data
  • Topic 19: Collecting Log And Flow Records
  • Topic 20: Collecting Windows application Log Records
  • Topic 21: Managing Custom Log Sources
  • Topic 22: Creating Rules
  • Topic 23: Managing False Positives
  • Topic 24: Using Reference Maps In Rules

IBM Q Radar SIEM Job Roles

  • Security Solution Architect
  • Lead SOC Analyst
  • Information Security Analyst
  • Security Intelligence Specialist
  • Cyber Security Specialist
  • SIEM & SOC Analyst
  • SIEM & SOC Manager
  • Qradar Admin Specialist
  • IBM Certified Associate Administrator
  • SIEM & SOC Analyst

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