Level 03 - Cyber Security Internship India

Cyber Security Internship
Level 03 - Join Us in Cyber Security Internship!

Cyber Security Internship Program is Where we provide the Opportunity for Students/Employees of all levels to explore Real & Relevant issues in Information Security and Information Protection. Website Vulnerability Assessment, Network Operations, Cyber Policy, and Much More…

We Cybervie suggest you to learn Ethical Hacking & Information Security Course to Find your Interest in Current Industry. For both Passionate and Career Oriented Ones. 

What will you learn in this Internship?

  • How to perform the Website Vulnerability Assessment with Manual, Automation and Creation of the reports.
  • Information Assurance team is Responsible to Define the Scope and Objectives for Penetration Testing and For Testing Closure of all Follow-Ups Pointed out by Penetration Testing Report.
  • Cybervie Internship teach to Perform Periodically System and Application VAPT (Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing) Using Automated and Manual Approach.
  • How to Develop and Maintain Documentation for Security Systems and Procedures.
  • How to Respond Where Appropriate, Resolve or Escalate Reported Security Incidents.
  • How to Monitor System Logs, SIEM Tools and Network Traffic for Unusual or Suspicious Activity. Interpret such Activity and Make Recommendations for Resolution.
  • How to Perform Asset and Network Discovery Activities, Helping to Ensure full Coverage of the Vulnerability Discovery. Prioritizing Remediation Activities with Operational teams through Risk Ratings of Vulnerabilities and Assets.
  • How to Recommend, Schedule or Apply Fixes, Security Patches(Patch Management) and Any Other Measures Required in the Event of a Security Breach.
  • How to Perform the Network Vulnerability Assessment and Find the Security loop hole and Update Create Report and Submit.
  • Cyber Security Internship Train with Incident Handling and Reporting.
  • How to Control Information Security Governance, Risk and Compliance.
  • How to Create the Guidelines and Policies, Managing Information Security Risks and Overseeing the Information Security Management Organisation.
  • Group Discussion Case Studies of Recent Cyber Security Attacks and What Leads it to happen.
  • This Internship Program helps in Conducting the IT infrastructure Audit.
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Benefits - Cyber Security Internship

  • Real time knowledge on Information security.
  • Cyber Security Internship Certificate. With which You'll have Access to all the Technical and Management Training Courses you need to become the Expert you want to be.
  • Learn from Expert Developers in the Field. Our Team leads love to Mentor.
  • Cyber Security Internship gives an Opportunity to Work in many Different Areas to Figure Out What Excites Us.
  • Introduction to Red, Blue & Purple Teams.
  • Introduction to Hardware Hacking.
  • Real Time Job Assistance with Mock interview Preparations and Group Discussions.
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Time to Become a Cyber Security Professional