There are two types of websites: Those that have been hacked and those that will be hacked.

Security… it’s simply the recognition that changes will take place and the knowledge that you’re willing to deal with whatever happens      – Harry Brown

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Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing or PEN testing as it is referred as is a comprehensive tool designed to find out any weakness that exists in your network, web application or the system itself that hackers could exploit.

Website Vulnerability Assessment

Each website has its vulnerability, which the hackers exploit. We perform several scans on your website to understand if your site is indeed exposed to vulnerabilities. Our detailed report helps the coding team understand the loopholes and help fix them.

Cyber Security Awareness

Our team provides you various services by which you can prevent such hacks. Using our Cybersecurity awareness program prepares your employees to be well equipped to deal with crises.

Why Cybervie?

70% of websites are vulnerable to malicious hackers. Make sure you aren’t. Detect vulnerabilities and get on a path to remediation.

The number of high-profile attacks on the websites of financial institutions, healthcare organisations, and small businesses is rising at a pretty alarming rate. End-user workstations are continuously under sophisticated attacks targeting web-based solutions. It is an unfortunate reality that malicious hackers may start targeting your web applications. With web application security assessments, you gain an inside look at your application(s) and gain the benefit of reporting and analysis on all identified weaknesses. The ultimate goal behind a web app vulnerability assessment is to report on the findings of a web application vulnerability scan and combine them with the analysis of a professional cyber-security engineer.

Web Application Security Threat Protection

Introducing SAAS (Security as a Service), on Web Application Security. 05 Stage of Scan – Black Box Vulnerability Scan, Exploit Vulnerability which are found in Black box, Complete Policy Right to Measure the Complete Website, 24/7 Web Application Scan, Web Application is now into SAAS (Security as a Service).

Impacts of Recent Cyber Attacks on Neglecting Web Application Security

Site Downtime and Site Unavailable

Loss of Brand Reputation

Google Blacklist

Loss of Search Ranking

Loss of Database

Man in Middle Attack

Loss of Money

What is Web Application Security?

Advance in Web Technology 2.0. Nowadays a user is not limited to view Static Web Pages or Websites only, but can perform functionalities like Hoste Web Files on Cloud, Create a Personal profile, Input Files, Scan & Monitor Anything on Web, Import & Export Databases, Purchase & Payments, Most of the Requirements are Fulfilled on Fingertips with Mobiles or laptops. But as the access to the web or the internet is becoming easy, it is also becoming fonder of cyber attacks. The rates of the internet users are increasing really rapidly and with the same pace the rate of the new techniques of cyber attacks are also increasing.

So Web Application Security Arises as one of the Security Branch of Information Technology. To Find and Protect from Major Web Application Vulnerabilities with many SAAS Models like – Scanning Top 10 Web Application Security Vulnerability Assessments.

Why is it Important for Online Businesses to perform Web Application Security Scan?

Web Automation is a very helpful must and should Feature for any Online Business. But it can be helpful only in the case where the Trust of Data Protection and Brand Reputation is there to their Clients. Case Studies of Recent Attacks says that it isn’t possible with the Web Application Security and Threat Protection only, you need to go for the Web Application Security Scan as well. If you are a online business owner, than you definitely always wants your business to be safe and secure, and going for the Web Application Security Scan and do this for you.
Examples of Some Online Business Secured by Web Application Security Services are given below…

  • An E commerce Business can Display the Products, Get Bookings and Payments Online with a Secured Web Application.
  • A Service Oriented Business can build a Trust Mark in potential clients. By Avoiding the Web Application down Time when a client requires the service.
  • A Blogger is supported with Web Application Security. Protecting before the Web Application get Hacked and Avoid Google Blacklisting.
  • A new Web Application Ranks in a Search. With Huge Hard Work and Much Time spent on it. Here a Web Application Security Service can help in loss of SEO Ranking.
  • A new Web Application Ranks in a Search. With Huge Hard Work and Much Time spent on it. Here a Web Application Security Service can help in loss of SEO Ranking.

What is the Difference between Automate scan & Manual Scan in Web Application Security?

Provided Web Application Security Services and Benefits of VAPT (Vulnerability Assessment Penetration Testing)


  • OWASP Top 10 Vulnerabilities Scan
  • Website Monitoring 24*7
  • Malware Detection
  • Malware Removal
  • Automatic Malware Removal
  • Manual Malware Removal
  • DDOS Hack Prevention
  • Website Hack Prevention
  • Website Threat Protection


  • Assurance to users about their data security on the internet
  • Security Bridge to prevent third party cyber attackers
  • Influence user trust level and confidence scale and turn them as potential users
  • Ensuring users safety could enhance brand or reputation of the platform as secure and safe platform on the internet
  • Boost the return of investment without losing potential users
  • Staying safe and secure on the internet for your valuable business and customers
  • Indicates the business is legitimate paver the internet
  • Boost up e – commerce conversation
  • Secure users from malware and threat attack
  • Eliminates security warnings in browser
  • Search engine benefits

Service Work Flow | Cybervie

The Black Box Vulnerability Scan

Where the black box is scanned for any vulnerability

Exploit all the Vulnerabilities

Which are found in the black box vulnerability scan

Complete the policy rights

Measure the complete website

Round the clock scan

Scan of your web application 24/7

Your web application is secure

Now your app is into the Security as a Service

How do we Perform Web Application Security Vulnerability Assessment?

Security as a Service Plans | Cybervie


Security as a Service
  • Detection
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Malware Detection & Removal
  • 24/7 Website Monitoring
  • Dedicated Manager


Security as a Service
  • Detection
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Malware Detection & Removal
  • 24/7 Website Monitoring
  • Dedicated Manager
  • OWASP Top 10 Vulnerabilities Scan
  • Vulnerability Penetration Testing
  • Automatic / Manual Malware Removal
  • Block Access Backdoor File used by Hacker
  • Backup Configuration
  • Website Hack Prevention
  • DDos Procetion